6 Pack Indoor Beach Facility

Welcome to 6Pack Indoor Beach Centre, probably the most modern indoor beach facility located in North America. Amenities include full showers, a foot wash station, meeting room, full use of our BBQ grill, HDTV with 50inch screen, 15 dynamic range stereo system with dual subs, free WiFi, and decorative night themed lighting. We are fun in a box, a spacious 18,000 sf. facility, 32 ft high ceilings and 5 beach courts 6Pack Beach offers some of the best beach volleyball serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and the GVRD. Guaranteed rainfree.


Ragin Ronin Productions is the official videographer for Six Pack Entertainment.  Other than producing videos, we have also produced social media advertising campaigns to allow for a more interactive experience with their followers.

Client Video: